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Clinical studies suggest that the Ashwagandha root (the active ingredient in Evertrain APT) offers four vital health benefits for mind and body:
For the Mind:
Reduces Stress and Anxiety: 
According to a report published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (2016), those taking the Ashwagandha root reported a 32% reduction in stress. Less stress equals more energy and better training.

Improved Memory and Focus: 
A study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements found that those taking the Ahwagandha root experienced many mental benefits, such as:

• Clearer thinking

• Better retention
(both short-term and long-term)

• Faster decision-making

With this clear focus and sharp memory, you can cut through the mental fog and accomplish your goals, be they professional, personal, or athletic. 

For the body:
Better Endurance, Muscle Building, and Weight Loss
Ashwagandha root offers strong health and training benefits, according to a study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Participants noted the following athletic improvements:

138% improvement in muscle strength for the bench press

52% increase in muscle strength for leg extension exercises

16% reduction in average body fat

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to build muscle and trim fat, this is it. 

Increased Libido for Men and Women
Two studies showed a remarkable difference in libido for both men and women taking Ashwagandha root. 

Male participants saw a 34% increase in hormone levels compared to those taking the placebo, along with higher sperm concentration, volume, and movement (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2013)

Women reported 34% more total sexual encounters and 126% more successful sexual encounters (BioMed Research International, 2015)  

You want results, but not at the cost of your long-term health. Evertrain APT is your all-natural path to a sharper focus, stronger performance, and reduced stress.

Evertrain APT also helps with:
Cardiorespiratory benefits:
A 12 week study on Ashwagandha published in AYU showed a notable improvement in maximum oxygen consumption in healthy athletic adults. Improving your cardio lessens your risks of stroke, heart attacks, and other cardiac problems
Ashwagandha can lower stress and help regulate dopamine, inflammation, and cortisol. For those struggling with thyroid issues, Evertrain APT can help ease your pain and improve the quality of your days.
When you’re stressed out, you age faster. Don’t let stress control you. Control your stress with Evertrain APT to help you look and feel younger.

The active ingredient in Evertrain APT is derived from the Ashwagandha root. This root has been used for over 4,000 years in India, and Americans are just now realizing the full potential of this clean, natural herb.

While Ashwagandha root helps with everything from thyroid to cardiorespiratory health to boosted sports performance, its leading use is stress management. It combats stress on a chemical level.

You may be wondering, how is this possible?

Here’s the answer:
Stress is a chemical-based reaction that your body produces in response to stressors, like:

 • Approaching deadlines, conflicts with your supervisors or colleagues, losing a job and   looking for a new one, and other work-related stressors.

Family trouble, such as kids acting up or disputes with your parents or relatives.

Dating insecurities, like failing to find the right partner, arguments, conflicts, and sexual performance letdowns.
Diet problems, including failing to stick to a diet or not seeing the desired results.

Exercise issues, such as a lack of energy, low motivation, slipping performance, and not achieving your athletic goals.

A rise in stress is often accompanied by a rise in cortisol. Evertrain APT is an adaptogen, which is natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and normalize your bodily chemicals. As an adaptogen, Evertrain APT helps promote homeostasis by returning your stress-causing chemicals like cortisol to normal, manageable levels. Homeostasis is what happens when all your bodily organs and chemicals act in harmony with one another. It is the optimal state for your body to be in.

When you’re stressed, your body produces an excess of chemicals. Evertrain APT helps bring them back to normal.

This balancing of stress causes a ripple effect throughout multiple systems in your body. For example, poor libido is often caused by too much stress. By reducing stress, you’re improving so many aspects of your life. You are:

• Making your healthy diet even more effective

• Promoting healthy eating and body weight

• Strengthening your memory and focus

• Improving your sleep

• Improving your training and athletic prowess

• Improving your libido

So what does this mean?

It means that you’re mentally and physically refreshed so you can better manage your personal, professional, and athletic endeavors. 
Evertrain APT is an all-natural and clean way to keep your brain and body firing on all cylinders.
so why are we doing this?
We created Evertrain to deliver you results the right way. We believe in clean, natural solutions to improving your physical and mental health. Adaptogens like Evertrain APT represents the newest stage of safe, responsible health products, allowing you to clear out the cobwebs so you can be the best version of yourself. 

We believe in fact-based products backed by actual research, not empty promises. The results from the clinical trials speak for themselves. Click here to read them.

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